International / National Conferences

Technocrats Institute of Technology – MBA is a leading B-School of Central India. In order to provide an ideal learning environment to its students, conferences, seminars, and association gatherings, are organized by the institute regularly. Conferences give participants a chance to share ideas and debate about relevant issues, they also give them a chance to connect with other academicians & industry professionals and form and fortify relationships. Faculty members, with students have a chance to interact with the expertsfrom various industries and other institutions and explore the subject.

Best Practices for Managing Business in VUCA world

In the year 2017, a National Conference on ‘Best Practices for Managing Business in VUCA World’, was organized. Shri Manu Shrivastava, Principal Secretary, Department of New & Renewable Energy, Government of Madhya Pradesh was the Chief Guest, with Shri. Pradeep Bhargava, Vice President, DeNovo HR Consultancy, Prof. (Dr.) Manish Sharma, Professor Department of Economics, IEHE, Bhopal were the dignitaries present. During this conference academicians from various institutions presented their research papers.

Certification Programme for MBA Students

Competition in the professional space has increased many-fold over a very short duration. MBA Degree is one of the most sought after degree for many job roles and functions. But constant and specialized learning is what is required at all times in one’s career. Technocrats Institute of Technology – MBA, under the able guidance of Dr. Shalini Sinha, Director and her team organizes various programmes for the students for their upliftment and practical knowledge. These certifications not only add value to your resume but also make you a better professional and can really boost your career.

Lean Six Sigma Certification Programme

The primary goal of the Six Sigma certification is to validate individuals who possess the skills to identify errors or defects in a business process and eliminate them. These certifications help the students to become a specialist in the process improvement and enhance their career’s standard and credibility. This workshop enabled them to become crucial to an organization’s ability to identify and eradicate repeatable process errors. Six Sigma certification helped the students to position themselves as a change agent, spearheading quality improvement and bolstering their leadership skill sets.

Contemporary HR Practices

India now becomes a player in the global stage. Attracting and retaining talent is becoming a big problem for every organization, organizations try to recognize the aspirations of employees and focus on their growth and development. Technocrats Institute of Technology – MBA, organizes certificate programmes for the students to learn the contemporary HR issues and practices, so that the budding and the practicing managers learn the management skills / applications in such a way that they achieve the objectives of wealth maximization of the stakeholders and the nation too.

Investor Level – One, National Institute of Security Markets

Technocrats TIT-MBA organized an Expert Lecture on Stock Market trading program of NISM on 10th Nov. 2017, delivered by Mr. Rupendra Gajbhiye, Chartered Analyst from Taking Forward (Financial Education & Training Institute). He highlighted the various insights of fundamental and technical analysis, which helped the students in their future prospects. The program of NISM encouraged the students to get the proper knowledge of financial instruments through which they were encouraged the uses of technology to achieve their future endevaours.

Workshops, Seminars, Guest Lectures

The Institute organises varies workshops, seminars, guest lectures by eminent and renowned experts and speakers from corporate so as to make the students aware about the current scenario in business and managements practices applied to business. These academic events also provide a platform to the students to interact with the experts and clarify their ideas, thoughts and doubts regarding management theories in practice.

Workshop on Entrepreneurship

Creating a new scalable venture is a challenging and complex task. The road to entrepreneurial success is long, winding and strewn with pitfalls, obstacles and blind turns. In order to provide and develop the entrepreneurship skills to the aspirants, Technocrats Institute of Technology – MBA provided workshop sessions on 15-17 March 2018. The facilitator Mr. Kartik Mehta analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the business plans and provide detailed feedback on how to improve the plan. Workshop sessions include multiple mini-presentations, exercises, discussions and idea sharing to enable participants to transform their business ideas into an actionable business plan. The workshop was organized inassociation with and IIM – Kozikode event (E Choes). At the end of the workshop, following five students were selected to represent TIT – MBA at the IIM – Kozikode event (Echoes) and participate in the Business Plan Competition.

Guest Lectures-“Something different than the usual always seems interesting!”

“Something different than the usual always seems interesting!” Guest Lectures – they are fresh, new and often engaging. Guest speakers have become an important part of the educational experience for students. They expose students to real-world life experiences from the position of someone who has been there. Students get to see the insight and perspective of the particular field. Technocrats Institute of Technology – MBA, arranges the guest lecturer from the industry, and other national and international renowned institutions in order to enhance the student’s educational experience.

FDP on Business Analytics, 2018

Business Analytics offers competitive advantage for firms as it has relevance for strategic decision making. It aids the decisions relating to mergers & acquisitions, investments, statutory and internal audits, strategic supply chain planning, financial planning and others. In the ever – growing competitive world, Business Analytics is a buzzword. Technocrats Institute of Technology – MBA organized Faculty Development Programme (FDP), in which professionals and experts on the subject i.e. Prof. Arun Pandit, Business Analytics & Intelligence Professional, IIM Bangalore, Shri Vishwajeet Singh, GM – HR & Admin, Bhasker Industries and Prof. Vilas Choudhary took their respective sessions. The FDP was sponsored by Indian Society of Training & Development (ISTD) and Bhopal Management Association (BMA), in which faculty members of various B-Schools attended to learn about the techniques applied in Business Analytics and get a practical understanding of this interesting area.

Training Programme on Soft Skills, 2017

Technocrats Institute of Technology – MBA, provided a training programme on Soft Skills to MBA students. This programme was conducted by Mr. Arnab Ghosh, who provided the inputs, an effective business communications for building experience to converse fluently and communicate better with both internal and external customers. The workshop helped to build and refine the participants leading to their operational excellence and an improvement in the use of English in the workplace.

Participation of MBA Students in Inter College Competition

‘Reflexions’ – 2017, an inter college competition was organized by IPER, Bhopal. There were many competitive events, in which students from various colleges participated and competed with each other. Our students from Technocrats Institute of Technology – MBA, participated and won the prizes in various business games and activities, i.e. T-Shirt designing, and E Stock Market, etc. By participating in such inter college competitions, students rejuvenate themselves and hone their competitive spirit.


Workshop on ‘Increasing Willpower through Meditation’

our pre-frontal cortex – our brain’s executive centre. The workshop, on ‘Empowering the Mind through Meditation,’ which was held in TIT – MBA seminar hall, helped the students to strengthen their willpower and mental fortitude. The experts shared, some tips i.e. how to strengthen the nervous system and build the character and grit, with the participants.

Industrial Visits

Technocrats Institute of Technology – MBA has adopted a value added learning method for management students, in the form of industrial visits and tours. Learning from textbooks, and does not suffice for holistic learning. Industrial visits give greater clarity about important management concepts, as students practically experience how these concepts are put into action. Industry visits sensitize students to the practical challenges that organizations face in the technical world. In the recent past TIT – MBA has organized the following industrial visits:

Industrial Visit At Dawar Shoe Factory, Agra, U.P

Industrial Visit At Dainik Jagran Press, Agra, U.P.

Industrial Visit At Papertec Pvt. Ltd., Mohali, Punjab

Industrial Visit At Jaybee Electricals, Panchkula, Haryana

Industrial Visit At Coca Cola Pvt. Ltd., Mandideep, Bhopal, M.P

Industrial Visit At HEG Mandideep