• About Department

    Since its inception in the year 1999, the department with the well-knit faculty, demonstrating high professionalism puts the graduating engineers on excellent steroids in preparation for the performance needed to navigate among the opportunities abounding in today’s world of internet and e-revolution. All the faculties of the department are highly qualified and rich experienced from reputed organization/ universities. The Department have faculty members specialized in Compiler Design, Artificial Intelligence, RDBMS, Computer Networks, Neural Networks, Data Communication, OOPS, Data Structures and Algorithm, Digital Signal Processing, Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Network Security and Web Engineering.

    Association Activities:

    Department has an active students chapter of Institution of Engineers. Under its banner Guest Lectures are conducted by eminent personalities from both industry & academic background. Annual National Level Technical Symposium “Tech Utopia” is organized every year.

    Student’s Achievements:

    Department encourages students for attending seminars and workshops in different institutes for developing their technical skills. The students of the department submit their research work in the Global Network and also attend for further enhancement.

    1. Namrata Singh received Chancellor Award for academic performance in R.G.P.V. Exams of B.E. 6th Semester in year 2012.
    2. 53 students presented articles in various technical areas.
    3. 3 students cleared SSB.
    4. 2 students cleared SCJP in VI semester

  • Vision of the department:

    To evolve as a centre of academic excellence in Information Technology by producing Technocrats possessing good domain knowledge, good knowledge of IT tools and their applications, professional skill sets and high social values.

  • Mission of the department:

    To inculcate students with understanding of fundamental principles, tools, design and development of software and practical experiences in Information Technology through quality teaching with practical exposure, developing professional and ethical conduct, collaborative activities and positive contributions to the society.

  • PEO 1: Graduates shall possess required breadth and depth of Engineering knowledge and modern software tools to excel and sustain in chosen career path in the field of Information Technology.

    PEO 2: Graduates shall possess ability to analyze problems related to information technology systems and IT enabled systems to design and develop its solutions.

    PEO 3: Graduates shall demonstrate professional conduct, ethical attitude, cognizance of social & Environmental issues, leadership and lifelong learning.

  • PSO 1: Graduates of the program will have problem solving ability and appropriate programming skills and practices

    PSO 2: Graduates of the program will be able to learn and adapt the new software tools and technology

    PSO 3: Apply standard Software Engineering practices and strategies in software project development using programming environment to deliver a quality software products

  • The Department of IT is established in year 2000. This department has been functioning very successfully since the inception of the college with the initial intake of 60 students, now because of continuous efforts of faculty members & success journey of students the intake has been increased to 120 students since 2007. The Syllabus of IT covers all the software & related hardware part of computing mainly computer networks, neural networks, software engineering, DBMS, computer Architecture & organization, multimedia graphics, communication system, DSP & other emerging areas in Information Technology as per the syllabus of R.G.P.V., Bhopal (M.P.), India. Topics beyond syllabus are covered through guest lectures. The teaching-learning process comprises class-room teaching, along with tutorials, practical’s, seminars and viva-voce, projects. The teaching aids used are conventional blackboard, overhead projector (OHP), LCD / DLP, e-campus software and series of audio visual CD are available for various subjects delivered by IIT professors. The department boasts some of the most advanced and latest hi-tech software’s. It gives us full satisfaction to highlight the fact that department of IT is enriched with good infrastructure, high qualified and experienced faculty and very enthusiast and devoted students. The department is also having well-stacked and extended library of the central-library for the faculty and students of the department. The department library has been monitored and maintained frequently by the faculty of the department. The main objective is to get immediate help and support regarding the academics, projects and thesis work.

    The Department has all the latest technologies of hardware and software with excellent computing facilities for training, data analysis, program development and research including Networking, multimedia, graphics and hardware. It also has the latest audio-visual teaching aids. Internet facility is available to every student.

    The department offers guidance to the students in the latest software like J2EE, CCNA, MTS,.NET and LINUX Kernel programming. We are having faculties from the industrial background. They provide students with the latest technical knowledge and practical exposure so that they can make their presence felt in the latest technical revolution.

  • Information Technology

    Information Technology Department is well-equipped with some of the most defined and technically modern laboratories to provide a superior level of practical education to its students. The laboratories are specifically designed with excellent facilities to meet the requirements of A.I.C.T.E. and Rajiv Gandhi Techinical University. Advanced equipments and hardware/softwares are added to the laboratories each year thus keeping them updated.
    Major labs

    • Programming Lab -1
    • Programming Lab -2
    • Programming Lab -3
    • Programming Lab -4
    • E-Resource & Internet Lab
    • Project Labs
    • Hardware Lab
    • Unix Lab
    • IT Research Lab


    View of few labs

    DBMS Lab

    Students Working in Programming laboratory for creating database applications. Laboratory is equiped with latest configuration 60 HP core 2 Duo systems with Oracle 10g.

    OOT Lab

    Students Working in Programming Laboratory for creating programs for Object Oriented Technology. Laboratory is equiped with latest configuration 60 HP core 2 Duo systems with C, C++ and Matlab 7.0.

    .NET & Java Lab

    Students Working in the .Net and Java laboratory. Laboratory is equiped with latest configuration 60 HP core 2 Duo systems with .Net and Java.


    As per the market requirement, IT Engineers are to update their knowledge regularly. For this purpose department planned different activities:
    • The department organizes a Technical Event every year for paper presentation and various technical activities .
    • The department invites Guest Lectures and Expert Lectures from outside experts.
    • The department will organize technical workshops where the students learn various networking activities.
    • The department plans to organize additional lectures for weak students.
    • The department organize social activities as a part of social service to the nation.

  • Workshop on Oracle

    To offer a limited introduction to computer science to students via extra-curricular programs and/or workshop experiences.The oracles were mainly used for divination and keeping records of events. They indicate a daily activity for almost everything, such as weather, health, farming and fortune. It is not only were used in divination as a tool, but also in recording the activities and results on them.
    By Ms. Anjana Hanra

    Workshop on ‘C Programming’

    To offer a limited introduction to computer science to students via extra-curricular programs and/or workshop experiences.Students will learn to use one of the most common programming languages in use today. This course will teach programmers the basic skills needed to write programs using the C language. The special needs of the host operating system will be discussed (UNIX, MVS, MS Windows, etc.).
    By Mr.Kishan Kumar

    Technical Extempore

    The definition of extempore is done without any preparation. An example of something extempore is a speech given without any script or planning; a speech which was extempore.There comes a time in every one’s life when he or she will have to give an impromptu speech. It may be for anything – a radio interview, a teacher trying to get you to speak up in class, or even in a casual debate. It happens more often than most people would think. The words we speak are chosen at the point of delivery and they flow back and forth, with communication being two-way, three-way or four-way. It is all done without any preparation.

    By Department of IT

    Workshop on Ethical Hacking

    Ethical hacking refers to the act of locating weaknesses and vulnerabilities of computer and information systems by duplicating the intent and actions of malicious hackers. Ethical hacking is also known as penetration testing, intrusion testing, or red teaming.This workshop aims to give Technocrats a basic knowledge of hacking and how to protect your system against hazardous effects.
    By Sanjay Mishra

    Organized an event ‘Tech Inspire’

    Successful businesses need to be efficient, well-managed, customer-focused, offer quality products and services and provide value for money. A company can have the most ambitious environmental policy, but unless staff understands the philosophy behind it, the goals they are aiming for and how to achieve them, it will not be successful. Good intentions are undermined through poor training.The term ‘Go Green’ campaign refers to campaign of changing one’s lifestyle for the good of the environment. The title talks about the level of understanding and consciousness of the students’ lifestyle for the safety and benefit of the environment.

    By entrepreneurs

    Android Workshop

    Android has made a sensational entry into the mobile market, and android products are selling like hot cakes. More and more gadgets are being launched supporting Android OS which in fact is open source. Android application development is the latest craze among mobile application developers.The Android Application Development Workshop provides participants technical training on the concepts and programming methodologies needed to develop applications for mobile devices. Participants will learn to use different android libraries. Instruction is aided with live projects which will allow students to grasp concepts of the complete mobile application development life-cycle.
    By Ravi Shukla

    Aptitude and reasoning

    An aptitude is any type of assessment that evaluates the talent/ability/potential to perform a certain task, with no prior knowledge and/or training. Verbal reasoning are tailored to see how well the applicant can read and analyse a text or apply logical thinking on text based riddles.Aptitude and ability tests are designed to assess your logical reasoning or thinking performance.
    By Mr. Prince Dubey
    Mr. Rishisn Choubey