The Department of Pharmacognosy is responsible for providing knowledge on topics such as identification of pharmaceutical raw materials from natural sources and chemical analysis of plants, etc. The principal education philosophy of the department has been to provide a sound professional training which has been consistent with the current scientific and technological state of the art background supported by practice through laboratory applications in Pharmacognosy. During their studies / services, students have to perform theoretical and experimental studies on the basis of scientific principals. It is established in functions in total compliance with the regulatory requirements of the PCI and the AICTE. Department boasts of a herbal museum and a medicinal plant garden which houses more than 60 plants. The core research activity of the department:-

  • Expansion of the present research activities in the area of isolation, identification and characterization of biologically active constituents.
  • Expansion of the present research activities in the area of production of biologically active constituents in tissue cultures.

The total research output from the department on the various aspects of natural products is impressive. The senior members of the staff have been particularly prolific. It is worth noting that in the subject of Pharmacognosy, long neglected in many schools of pharmacy, dealing with several interesting fronts has attracted external funding and all members of the Department strive to contribute to a most creditable research effort.