Prof. S.P. Saxena

It is rightly said “well begun is half done”, in the same manner the journey for us began in year 2001 with limited resources and unlimited challenges. We plant the seed and today it grew into a big tree, which provides shelter, to many. Today it is giving us not only shelter but even sweet and ripen fruits.
In today’s globalize world, everywhere there is the need of sharp minds and healthy souls that are learned in both ways i.e. academics and technical. We have a time-honored custom of nurturing young buds and blossom them fresh flowers.
To carve new avenues in the desert in the challenge and we in TIT, right from the beginning have kept our motto high in our way towards our goal “to enlighten ourselves and others”.
In fact, this has been the guiding force that motivates us to go ahead, though we are already one among them top institutions in M.P., still we have other milestones to achieve. In every field, be it academics, cultural, result, placements etc. we have always established new records and by that grace of Almighty, never looked back.
As a Director, today, I can say proudly that we have the best-required infrastructures that place us among the ‘A’ grade institutions. The same story is revealed when one analyses our past records and our present achievements. It gives me great pleasure to say that the credit of all our endeavors turned into success goes to the management, who always provided us with all the necessary things for making our efforts success.
It obvious that everybody expects the best out of you, when you are doing well. Being an ‘A’ level Institution in the state, now our focus shifts towards the National Scenario. I am certain that with the help of our learned Faculty members, staff and above all the goal oriented and capable students, we still see TIT-MCA getting heights in the national sky.We will leave no stone unturned to make that possible. Let achieve this goal together and I wish