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“Theoretical and Practical Concepts of Genetic Algorithm” – Dr. Bhupendra Verma

“Future of Flex Fuel Vehicles in India” –
Dr. Shashi jain

“Dimensional analysis as modeling technique used in fluid dynamics and heat transfer” –
Dr. KK Dwivedi

“Braking System of Heavy Vehicle” –
Dr. P.K. Pandey

“Internet of Things” –
Dr. Kavita Burse

“The 5th Generation Mobile Technology” –
Dr. Vivek Sharma

“An Approach to Efficient Use of Compressed Air” –
Dr. R S Mukherjee

“Liquid Crystals as Novel Vesicular Drug Delivery System” –
Dr. L. K. Omrey

“Numerical Methods for Solving Transcendental Equations” –
Dr. Pankaj Patel

“Research Methodology” –
Dr. Anula Khare

“A Review of Change Detection Techniques (A Remote sensing Perspective)” –
Dr. Abhishek Bhatt

“Introduction of Wavelets” –
Dr. Vibha Tiwari

“Green Building” –
Dr. R. K. Agrawal

“Demonetization of Indian Currency in 2016” –
Dr. Shalini Sinha

“Standard Practice for Transformer Selection and Transportation” –
Dr. M. S. Dash

“Offset Internal Combustion Engine” –
Dr. Bharat Gupta

“Performance Evaluation of Mixed Gas-Steam Cycle” –
Dr. Anoop Kumar Pathariya

“Novel Dimensions of HR Culture” – Dr. Preeti Dubey

“Transmission Charge Methods in Electric Power System” – Dr. Anuprita Mishra

“Dielectric Resonator Antenna For Microwave and mmWave Applications” – Dr Archana Sharma

“Knowledge Management” – Dr Anuj Sheopuri

“Solar Chimney Power Plant” – Dr Hitesh Sir

“Distributed Generation in Distribution System” – Dr. Pallavi Bondriya

“Use of CNT in solar PV Cell” – Dr Priti Shukla

“Filter based image denoising methods” – Dr Vikash Gupta

“Design in the Manufacturing Firm” – Dr Amit Pradhan

“Hybrid Solar Photovoltaic – Wind System for Rural App in India” – Prof. Ankit Goyal

“Indian Construction Industry” – Dr Sanjay K Swami

““Durability of Concrete Structures” – Dr. SanJeev verma

“Recent Advancement in Satelite Communication” – Prof. Manish Gurjar

“High Strength, High Density, High Performance Concrete” – Prof. Ram Mahalaha

“Fundamentals of Radiation Heat Transfer ” – Prof. Chaitanya Shrivastava

“Retrofitting of Residential Buildings with Special reference to Eartquake” – Prof Pankaj Rathore

“Satellite Communication” – Prof. Syed Faraz Ahmed Naqvi

“Biomedical Diagnosis & Imaging Techniques” – Prof Hema Singh

“”Environment Impact Assessment” – Prof Priyanka Agrawal Singh

“Total Productive Maintenance” – Prof Shishir Anwekar

“Soil Stabilization By Geogrid” – Prof Tapas Singh

“Cryogenic Grinding Technology” – Prof Sandeep Das

“Production Heat Transfer by using Neural Network” – Prof Pavan Shrivastava

“Performance Evaluation Of Photovoltaic Module” – Dr. Devendra Sharma

“Synthesis, Kinetics and Biological Activity of some Heterocyclic Hydroxamic Acids” – Dr Vinita Rajeev

“Watershed Management” – Prof. Ajit Kumar Jain

“Synthesis and Characterization of Transition Metal Complexes with New Antidiebatic Drugs” – Dr. Sibi Jose

“Application of Phase Changing Material in Solar Thermal Energy Storage” – Prof Abhilesh Dubey

“Emerging Wireless Technologies: A look into the future of Wireless Communication” – Prof Shivendra Singh

“Analysis of Aluminium Cenosphere Syntactic Foam” – Dr. Raghvendra khedle

“Recent Development Approaches In Cancer Treatment Therapy” – Dr Ashish Manigahua

“Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)-(An Advanced Machining Process)” – Prof Tarique Anwar

“Gaseous Pollutants Impact Assessment and Plant Growth” – Dr. Neelam Kushwaha

“Effect of Highway Development on Socioeconomic Parameters” – Prof Narendra Dudhe

“ECG Signal Analysis Using Digital Signal Processing Techniques” – Prof. Divya Jain

“Wireless Sensor Network” – Prof. Saleha Siddiqui

“Low Power Dynamic CMOS Logic” – Prof. Sandip Nemade

“Mechanistic Analysis of Rigid Pavement Under Wheel Load” – Prof. Imran Khan

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Technocrats TIT Group Events

PCB design


Android Controlled

Go Kart

Workshop on IoT

LANFest UpBeat



Bridge Designing



Bridge Designing TIT&S

“Resolving Interpersonal Conflicts”

The Topmost Rapper of India “Mr. Raftaar” Live Performance

“Raftaar” Rocking Performance-Live Concert HD @ Technocrats-TIT Group, Bhopal


freshers day and annual day celebrations – 2017

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The Biggest Rock Band Competition of Central India- “War of Bands 2017” Performances

MTV Rock Band Performance part-1 at Technocrats –TIT Group on 22nd April 2017

MTV Rock Band Performance part-2 at Technocrats –TIT Group on 22nd April 2017

Rock Band Performance by “Rockerz Squad” on 22nd April 2017

Rock Band Performance by “The New Strings” on 22nd April 2017

Rock Band Performance by “Aayu Band” on 23rd April 2017

Rock Band Performance by “Addict Band of Music” on 23rd April 2017

Rock Band Performance by “Apricot Band” on 23rd April 2017

Rock Band Performance by “Killkount” on 23rd April 2017

Rock Band Performance by “Fahrinheit” on 23rd April 2017

Rock Band Performance by “H.Minor” on 23rd April 2017

Rock Band Performance by “Ceaseless Junction” on 23rd April 2017