16 laboratories including two modern research laboratories for PG have been developed in the institute. We believe the optimum utilization of laboratory facilities is under the supervision of our faculties, the pass outs will have an edge for immediate employment.


Sophisticated instrument laboratory

Technocrats Institute of Technology-Pharmacy Education & Research houses state- of- art sophisticated analytical instruments like UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, HPLC, Probe Sonicator, Lyophilizer, Phase contrast microscope. Brookfield Viscometer, Particle size analyzer, zeta sizer. The instrument lab provides analytical support and intellectual input to both in-house and externally funded R&D Projects of the institute.


Sophisticated instrument laboratory



This laboratory has been equipped with most modern equipments for conducting research in the areas of pharmaceutics. The well furnished department caters to the practical requirements of the subject technologies of Drugs and Cosmetics, Biological Pharmaceuticals, Physical Pharmaceutics, Dispensing pharmacy, Pharmaceutical engineering and unit operations. This laboratory is equipped with the state of art equipment and machinery required for impartment used in manufacturing of Pharmaceutical dosage forms like Tablets, Capsules, Ointment, Liquid orals, Parenterals, Novel drug delivery systems, Packaging science, etc.

Major Instruments/Equipments/Machinery

Automatic ampoule filling and sealing machine Tablet Punching Machine
Ball mill Tablet coater
Brookfield Viscometer Sterility test unit
Ultra Sonicator Stability chamber
Lyophilizer Tablet disintegration test apparatus
Capsule filling machine Tablet dissolution test apparatus
Colloid Mill Tablet friability tester
Cooling centrifuge Tablet hardness tester
Grinding mill Seive shaker
Laminar flow apparatus Bottle filling and crimping machine
Grinding mill Clarity Testing Apparatus
Hot Air Oven Particle size analyzer
Autoclave Zeta sizer
Orbital shaker incubator Colorimeter
BOD incubator Ointment filling machine
Franz diffusion cell Low temp. centrifuge



Pharmaceutics laboratory

Students doing Practical in Pharmaceutics laboratory





The Machine room showing different machines/equipments

The Machine room showing different machines/equipments




Department laboratories are well equipped with facilities for the pursuit of research in areas like Neuropharmacology, endocrinology, psychopharmacology, cardiovascular and other areas. Besides this research in the area of Pharmacokinetics and Biochemical Pharmacology are also carried out.

Major Instruments/Equipments/Machinery

Analgesiometer Histamine apparatus
Binocular microscope Tissue homogenizer
BIOPAC system Plethismometer
Organ baths Photoactometer
Optical density reader Telethermometer
Pole Climbing Apparatus eddy’s hotplate
Recording Drums Rota rod
Convulsiometer Hemocytometer



Pharmacology laboratory

Students doing Practical in Pharmacology laboratory



Animal House

The institute is having a modern animal house on two floors, with separate forgery, wash area, store for animal food, cages for rats, mice, rabbits and guinea pigs, racks for cages and trolleys etc. has been in function. It has been air-conditioned for better upkeep and care of lab animals. The animal house has been duly approved by the Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC).



During the studies in pharmacognosy lab, students learn about the medicinal plants and have to perform theoretical and experimental studies on the basis of scientific principals. The core research activity of the laboratory/department:-

  • Expansion of the present research activities in the area of isolation, identification and characterization of biologically active constituents.
  • Expansion of the present research activities in the area of production of biologically active constituents in tissue cultures.

Major Instruments/Equipments/Machinery

Antibiotic Zone reader
Clavenger’s apparatus
Colony counter
Camera Lucida
Soxhlet apparatus
Soxhlet apparatus



Pharmacognosy laboratory

Students doing Practical in Pharmacognosy laboratory

Medicinal Garden

Department boasts of a herbal museum and a medicinal plant garden which houses more than 100 plants. The medicinal plants procured from various herbal gardens and wild are being maintained in the college campus. Students learn about basic information regarding their sources, family, chemicals constituents, and uses.



The synthesis of compounds, its purification (re-crystallization), its identification and analysis is done in pharmaceutical lab. The research activities of the department currently focus on drug design and subsequent synthesis, natural products chemistry and instrumental analysis of medicinal agents. The department has good facilities for above-mentioned research to enable student to be thoroughly familiar with modern drug research.

Major Instruments/Equipments/Machinery

Double Beam UV Spectrophotometer Distilled water apparatus
HPLC Melting Point Apparatus
Microwave Rotary Vacuum Evaporator
Moisture Balance Polarimeter
Flame photometer Refractometer



Students doing Practical in Pharmaceutical chemistry laboratory



In Anatomy Physiology and Health Education lab, anatomical diagrams of important organs are displayed to facilitate the importance of experimental pharmacology. Anatomical models of different organs are also present in the laboratory for proper study of the organ.



Students doing Practical in APHE laboratory



This Microbiology and biotechnology lab is designed for sterile manufacturing and quality control of injectables, ophthalmic and is equipped with high quality chemicals and equipments. It also has facility for biotechnological & tissue culture techniques available in these labs

Major Instruments/Equipments/Machinery

Laminar Air Flow Culture Racks
 UV tubes Shaking water bath
 HEPA filters orbital shaking incubator
BOD incubator Other requirements needed for aseptic room sterility testing, microbial assay