Memorandum of understanding (MoU) is signed between Technocrats Group of Institutions, Bhopal M.P. India and King Mong Kut’s University of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand for Academic Exchange Program. Under which the Associate Professor of Mathematics and Advance Computing Department of the University Dr. Poam Kumam and his 20-members team visited the Technocrats Group. This contract was held during the detailed talks between Dr. Ramakant Bharadwaj, Deputy Director Research, Technocrats Group and Dr Poom Kumam from KMUTT. In this team some delegates participated from Nigeria. During the campus visit, he described the group’s modern computer lab, classrooms, machine labs, electrical labs, electronics labs and libraries as different levels. As the Technocrats Group also has Research Center in 5 different disciplines for research, so as to influence, Dr. Poom Kumam informed about the findings of students and students about the progress made in Thailand’s field of education.
They also said that in the coming days the students of Technocrats Group will be able to go to Bangkok for short term program and PG courses and conduct online programs. In the field of research, new dimensions will be provided to the students. In this way, mutual cooperation has been agreed on faculty and student exchange programs and research projects.