• Mathematics

    The Department of Engineering Mathematics started with inception of TIT group. Today, it is one of the largest departments in TIT, occupying a core intellectual position, with about 07 faculty members. Engineering Mathematics is taught in all the 05 branches of engineering viz. EC, IT, CSE, ME and EX. Apart form this, it is also taught at post-graduate level in the institute. It has a remarkable group of colleagues who unite by their passion for mathematical research, join together to create an environment where enthusiasm and creativity can flourish. The students are inspired in every way and the top scorers in Engg. Maths I, Engg. Maths II and Engg. Maths III are honored with mementos. We produce the best result in the university, thus adding up our glorious track.

  • Physics

    Department of PHYSICS was established in 1999 with the aim of imparting quality education in the field of Physics to UG students. The department is headed by Dr. Jitendra Sharma and supported by well qualified staff members. Since its inception it has been one of the major Departments of institute with its involvement and accomplishment in both teaching and other extra curricular activities. The Department offers courses in Engineering Physics to undergraduate I year engineering (B.E.) students. The Department is equipped with physics laboratory to cater the need of B.E. first year students. This Laboratory is useful for I semester students of all the branches (EC, ME, CSE, IT and EX). The Laboratory mainly deals with the basic practicals of Physics. In this laboratory, students learn about concepts of Engineering Physics.

  • Chemistry

    In recent years the importance of engineering chemistry as a core course in engineering curriculum is being realised to a great extent. Hence engineering chemistry is included in the first year syllabus in all the branches of engineering. It impart basic knowledge of physico-chemical principles and their technological applications. In engineering chemistry department highly educated and experienced faculty members, most of them are doctorate, are imparting knowledge to students. We try to aquaint the engineering students with recent developments in the relevant areas of technology to broadent their horizon. Stress is givent to teach engineering chemistry by advanced audio-visual aids with orientation towards practical applicability of the subject. Engineering chemistry laboratory is well equipped with equipments. Emphasis is on giving practical knowledge to students with the help of charts, models, demonstation and practical performace by the studnets.

  • Communication skills

    The ability to communicate is the primary factor that distinguishes human beings from animals. And, it is the ability to communicate well that distinguishes one individual from another. The fact is that apart from the basic necessities, one needs to be equipped with good communication skills, as this is what makes them a happy and successful social being. Today, when thousand of students are passionately joining the engineering stream, effective communication skill plays an important role in shaping their future. The art the present era and it lies at the root of much that is being taught in the initial years of degree course. Even the experts believe that the knowledge of technical skills without soft skills would make them good workers but not managers or leaders. The lectures which we have in our institution are interactive in nature. Students enjoys these lectures and eagerly look forward to it. These lectures are very fruitful and helps them in improving their communication skills.

    Language Laboratory

    The Language Laboratory focuses on the production and practice of sounds of language and familiarizes the students with the use of English in everyday situations and contexts. The software’s which are used in the Language Laboratory are Globerena and K-Van Solutions.

    Objectives of Language Laboratory

    • To expose the students to a variety of self-instructional, learner-friendly modes of language-learning.
    • To help the students cultivate the habit of reading passages from the computer monitor, thus providing them with the required facility to face computer-based competitive exaProf such,GRE,TOEFL,GMAT,etc.
    • To enable them learn better pronunciation through stress on word accent, intonation, and rhythm.
    • To train them to use language effectively to face interviews, group discussions, public speaking.
    • To initiate them into greater use of the computer in resume preparation, report writing, format-making etc.

  • Civil Engineering

    The Department of Civil Engineering is as old as the institute itslf. Basic Civil Engineering is taught in first year in all the 05 branches of engineering viz. EC, IT, CSE, ME and EX. Faculty memebers of the department are providing a stimulating teaching environment for the students and to enable them to build a solid foundation for basic civil engineering concepts. Since its inception, the Department of Civil Engineerin has evolved and grown in several directions and has been in the fore front in providing two tubs cialis quality education. I wish all the success to the students.