Electrical & Electronics Engineering

  • About Department

    Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering is having an intake capacity of 120 students in BE course. 18 seats in M.Tech. (Power Electronics) and 30 seats in M.Tech. (Power Systems). The Department has qualified and experienced faculties. They use projectors and visual display units for delivering their lectures. The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering ensures that curriculum effectively contribute towards achieving the program outcomes. At the first year level, students are exposed to basic sciences and particularly to language laboratory. This helps the students to study the subjects like Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry and Engineering Mathematics which have further relevance in conceptualization of engineering designs and implementations. Through Communication Skills laboratory students are trained in English language which strengthens their communication skills. At the second year of the program, students study interdisciplinary subjects and get introduced the fundamental electrical subjects and programming languages. The third year exposes the students to the core subjects. Students have to do their minor project work also. They complete their Industrial Training during this session. In the final year, emphasis is laid on imparting Industrial based knowledge and project work. The projects are made by the students using the latest technology. To make the students more competent the department organizes expert lectures, workshops, technical events, seminars, & Industrial trips. The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering always ensures that the students are motivated for taking entrepreneurship initiatives by organizing various technical events. The MATLAB designing & Circuit Designing contests are organized to bring out the hidden talent of the students. Apart from these contests students are involved in designing quality projects as part of their curriculum. Students go for six weeks training program in the industries and are motivated to understand the work culture of the industry as well as get the practical exposure. They are also motivated to establish their own enterprises.

  • Vision of the department:

    To impart quality education in various fields of engineering, technology & management and to develop the institute into a centre of academic excellence.

  • Mission of the department:

    To mould the students into competent technocrats to become professionally skilled, intellectually adept and socially responsible, to contribute to the society through quality teaching and providing the conducive learning environment

  • PEO1. Graduates will become established professional in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and related fields with sound ethical values.

    PEO2. Graduates will demonstrate all necessary engineering and scientific competence to become an entrepreneur in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and allied field considering social and environmental issues.

    PEO3. Graduates will posses solid foundation in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering to be applied in their higher studies and research.

  • PSO 1: Graduates will show ability to analyze, design, and implement electrical machines, power electronics, instrumentation, control systems for power system.
    PSO 2: Graduates will show ability to apply appropriate techniques and modern engineering hardware and software tools in power systems and power electronics in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

    PSO 3: Graduates will show ability to comprehend technological advancements and the impact of electrical engineering solutions in societal and environmental context.

  • Since the evolution of mankind, the need of energy is increasing till date and will keep on escalating till its extinction. And the drama of renaissance on this blue planet which has been occurring is all because of this cosmic energy. This necessitates the subsistence of the ‘power packed persons’ accredited as “Electrical Engineers” and this technical militia is being provided by Electrical & Electronics Engineering stream. Every year, the department conducts a TECHFEST: Passion for creation…” which became a trend setter in several ways. The technical symposium is held in the month of April in which students from all over the nation present their technical skills on different emerging topics and participated in Robotics, Poster competition, Quiz, Extempore etc. Students in different National and Multi National Companies were selected and students have also been selected for higher studies.

    I wish them a very bright and prosperous future.

  • The institution of Engineers (India): The department has recently opened active student chapter of the Institution of Engineers (India), Membership No. 462021/TIT/EE/487376 in November 2017. This chapter is going to organize various technical/non-technical activities like model making, poster making, quiz, robotics problem solving, paper presentation etc.

    Engineer’s Day Celebration (15 September) Dr. D. K. Agrawal, System Analyst, DTE, Bhopal 15.09.2018 III and V Semester Students
    Inauguration of student’s chapter of The Institution of Engineers and conduction of Technical quiz
  • Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

    Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering. is well-equipped with state of the art modern laboratories to provide a superior level of practical education to its students. The laboratories are specifically designed with excellent facilities to meet the requirements of A.I.C.T.E. and RG Technical University. Advanced equipment’s and hardware/software’s are added to the laboratories each year thus keeping them updated.

    Major labs

    • Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering Lab
    • Electrical & Electronics Instrumentation Lab.
    • Electrical Machine Lab.
    • Network Analysis Lab
    • Power Electronics Lab
    • Power System / Wind & Solar Energy Lab
    • Control System Lab
    • Power System Protection Lab
    • Power System II / Simulation Lab
    • Electrical Drives Lab
    • Electrical CAD Lab
    • PLC / SCADA System & Application Lab
    • Project Lab

    Laboratories of the Department

    ex_lab1 Power Electronics Lab

    This Laboratory incorporates the basic knowledge of Power electronic devices. It basically imparts stress on the devices and their characteristics which are being used in controlling various electrical devices.

    Electrical Machine Lab

    This Laboratory incorporates the basic knowledge of Electrical Machines which are being used in daily routine for residential and Industrial Purposes. This laboratory basically imparts stress on the machines and their characteristics.

    161 Electrical & Electronics Instruments Lab

    This Laboratory incorporates the basic knowledge of Electrical and Electronics Measuring Instruments . which helps the student to understand different behavioral characteristics of these instruments.

  • Future Prospectus of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

    The development of a country is determined by the amount of per capita energy consumption. As far as Electrical Engineering is concerned, we encounter its presence after every step. The birth of maglev trains, miniaturization of devices, higher efficiency achieved and above all green power generation are all related in one way or other to Electrical Engineering and Technology. Electrical Energy is making life simpler, better, faster, sophisticated, eco-friendly and is widening new horizon of its applications. With the infrastructural development in the country on its peak the future of electrical engineers is looking very promising and job opportunities are growing.

  • Function Ganeration and CRO demonstration

    Demonstration of Various plays wind Power System

    Synecro Receiver

    Electrical Machine lechere in smart class

    PLC Scada and HMT demonstration

    Experiment in Electrical Machine lab SC & OP Test