Civil Engineering

All the students who are on the way to become Engineers have to prepare a project report at least once before they graduate. Following Projects were selected as best project among 113 projects reports submitted by students.
• Estimation of road work. • Partial replacement of aggregate with waste plastic in Concrete • Stabilization of Soil using fly ash

Computer Science & Engineering

Development of Voice Based Search Engine including an implementation of an intelligent voice recognition assistant. • Performing Transactional Data analysis in Share Market • Development of Story Writing Assistance Tool

Mechanical Engineering

Solar Rooftop PV system It is a 3 KW off-grid power plant equipped with polycrystalline panels and 3.7 KW Inverter. This roof top system is sufficient to cater the normal day’s electricity Requirement of T.I.T. Mechanical Department building. With 150 Ah battery it is Designed by the students of department to give 24*7 power. It is a powerful system Designed to run everything from solar power.

Six Wheel Drive Automotive system

Adil Mohd Khan developed a six wheel drive chassis driven by an electric motor having steering mechanism, emergency water tank, differential sets, gear shifting, toe chain mechanism, PUT shaft output. It can be used in military & transportation services .

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Some of the good projects developed by our students are • Quad Copter (DRONE) • Arduino Control smart Dustbin • Smart Fuel level Indicator