• This department has been established with an aim to reduce the burden on the animal house and prevent any unnecessary killing of laboratory animals. For this purpose we shall use body tissue extracted from slaughter animals like cock, goat.
  • This Department has four laboratories :-
    • Animal House
    • Anatomy, Physiology and Health Education Lab
    • Experimental Pharmacology Lab
    • Behavioural Pharmacology Lab
    Animal House:The main function of this sub department is to provide housing, breeding and feeding of experimental Animals. For this purpose a special animal house is available with all the facilities distributed in CPCSEA norms.
    Anatomy, Physiology and Health Education Laboratory:A separate laboratory (100 sq mt) is provided for this department. The main objective of this department as to provide the deep knowledge of body parts and organ (with help of models & chats) and tissue. Various minor experiments are conducted on human blood, determination of B.P. It also the knowledge about health education and used of first aid in emergency. Experimental Pharmacology Laboratory : The main objective of this lab is to evaluate the effect of various marketed drug on experimental animals and isolated animal tissues. Behavioural Pharmacology Laboratory:Here non invasive behavioural study is done on rodent species with herbal extracts and drugs.