Research Grants Received

Faculty Program Amount Funding Agency
Dr. B. K. Dubey Extraction, isolation and identification of active constituents for anti-cancer activity in few herbs found in jhabua region Rs. 13,00,000 AICTE
Dr. Anuprita Mishra AICTE MODROB grant for power system simulation laboratory Rs. 10,40,000 AICTE
Dr. B. K. Dubey FDP on pharmaceutical technology transfer and entrepreneurship development Rs. 5,29,000 AICTE
Dr. B. K. Dubey Pharmacological and pharmacognostical investigations on few indigenous herbs for anti-cancer activity. Rs. 4,25,000 MPCST
Dr. B. K. Dubey Development of methods for “standardization of herbal formulations” Rs. 4,00,000 Department of Bio Technology
Dr. B. K. Dubey Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of some noble sydnone- chalcone as anti- protozoal agent Rs. 3,00,000 MPCST
Dr. Pandey Recent sustainable advancement in renewable energy technology Rs. 2,40,000 TEQIP
Dr. B. K. Dubey Utilization of medicinal herbs : a central india perspective Rs. 2,00,000 AICTE
Dr. R. Bhardwaj Recent sustainable development in renewable energy Rs. 1,75,000 TEQIP-III (RGPV)
Dr Ramakant Bhardwaj FDP on research methodology Rs. 1,50,000 TEQIP
Dr Ramakant Bhardwaj International conference in recent advancement in science & technology Rs. 1,50,000 (ICRAST-2017)
Dr. Sanjeev Verma Advanced materials and technologies in civil engineering Rs. 1,50,000 TEQIP
Dr. K. K. Dwivedi FDP on Recent innovation in design & manufacturing TEOUIP-III Rs. 1,50,000 ITEQIP.III(RGPV)
Dr. Anula Khare Power electronics devices and their application in power system Rs. 1,13,209 ITEQIP.III(RGPV)
Dr. B. K. Dubey Recent advances in nanotecmology: tissue engineering Rs. 1,00,000 Department of Biotechnology

Research Grants Received in 2019-20

Faculty  Program Amount Funding Agency
Dr. B.K.  Dubey Dr. B.K.  Mishra Dr. Deepak Basedia Development of topical cream/gel bearing benzoyl peroxide dispersed in self assembled pseudo aqueous environment  of nano careers 3 Lacs TEQIP-III,
RGPV Bhopal
Dr. Anurag Choubey Dr. Rakesh Bhujade Smart Street light System 3 Lacs TEQIP-III,
RGPV Bhopal
Dr.P. K. Pandey Dr.Varsha Nigam Gour Mechanical and phytochemical investigation of fresh water Algal species of upper and lower lakes of Bhopal 3 Lacs TEQIP-III,
RGPV Bhopal
Dr. Sanjeev Kr. Verma Study of effects of Admixture on characteristics of concrete structures 3 Lacs TEQIP-III,
RGPV Bhopal
Dr. Anuprita Mishra Pilot project for army camp space heating furnace (BUKHARI) for technology Incubation of Electrical generator utilizing high efficiency Thermo electric devices to power LED Lamps   TEQIP-III,
3 Lacs RGPV Bhopal
Dr. Vibha tiwari Prof. Hema Singh MEDIROBO: A smart Humanoid Robot for medical Assistance 3 Lacs TEQIP-III,
RGPV Bhopal
Dr. B. K. Dubey Technology transfer and entreprenurship development: Narrowing the interface between ” Academia and Industry” 5.29 Lacs AICTE
Dr. Vibha tiwari A practical approach to signals and systems 1.5 lacs TEQIP-III
RGPV, Bhopal
Dr. Ramakant Bhardwaj Emerging trends in computing technologies and management   MPCST
Dr. Sanjeev Kr. Verma Design and Management of Civil Engineering projects through software 1.49 lacs TEQIP-III RGPV,
Dr. Vivek Sharma Machine Learning with Python    
Dr. Anuprita Mishra      
IOT Applications in Electrical Power Industry 2.8 Lacs AICTE-RGPV
  Joint teachers training Program