1. To provide high quality education and to inculcate professional skills in students so that they hold leading edge in growing environment.
  2. To serve the community with a new era of highly self motivated researchers and dignified pharmacy professionals.
  3. To look for a holistic development of the students by exposing them to diversified exercises of personality development apart from the technical education which helps them to have a complete growth in terms of physical, aesthetical and intellectual.
  4. To accelerate its research program in various fields to cope up with the growing demand of the industry.


The Institute is committed to preparing students for the broad range of careers in pharmacy by building a strong knowledge base in theory and practice, promoting critical thinking skills, encouraging professional development and life-long learning.

In keeping with the mission, the students in TIT Pharmacy are actively engaged in community service and other activities that would prepare them for the roles of leadership in future.

TIT Pharmacy is purported to strive for improving the health care system throughout the world and to give access of pharmaceutical care to the sick and needy. To achieve this mission, the students are being inculcated with a strong foundation of knowledge essential to the pharmacy profession. While providing highest quality instructions in pharmaceutical sciences, the faculty introduces and develops the art of critical thinking, problem solving and life long learning for posterity as would make the young pharmacists healthy to stand the test of time.

Our Aim’s:

  1. To become internationally recognized premier center of excellence in Academics and Research in pharmaceutical science
  2. Executing all Training Programs, AICTE sponsored Quality Improvement Programs (QIP), Industry Institute Partnership Programs (IIP) and other funded research projects of institution efficiently
  3. To Supporting RGPV for advanced programs of allied pharmaceutical sciences like Cosmeceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Phytopharmaceuticals, Nano-pharmaceuticals, Intellectual Property Management and Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs.
  4. To provide an environment conducive to the development of staff and students.
  5. To make students technologically competent and ethically strong individuals who shall be able to improve the quality of life and economy of our country