Dr. Bernhard Gluck

Dr. Bernhard Gluck, Technical University Bradenburg, Germany Subject taught: Internet of things.

Prof. Umar Yusuf

Prof. Umar Yusuf, KMUTT, Bangkok. Taught subject Applied Mathematics and Advanced Computing.

Dr. Albert Faessler

Dr. Albert Faessler Professor, University of Zurich, Switzerland, Subject taught: Applied Mathematics, Cryptography.

Dr C C Tan, Malaysia

Dr C C Tan, Malaysia, School of Management MAE FAH LUANG University, Thailand Subject taught: Applied Computing and Management.

Dr. Charles Petentler

Dr. Charles Petentler, University of Central Missouri, USA Subject taught: Business Administration.

Dr. Jeff Cumspton

Dr. Jeff Cumspton, National University, Australia Subject taught: Solar Energy (CSP) & Energy Storage

Dr. Guenther Otterbach

Dr. Guenther Otterbach, Germany Founding partner of the Wirtschafts- Senioren Leverkusen Network. Subject taught: Information security, and Risk management in IT.

Dr. Helmut Glock

Dr. Helmut Glock, Mannheim University of Applied Science, Germany Subject taught: Steel Tunnel and Higher Education.

Dr. Narayan Gahlot

Dr. Narayan Gahlot Princeton, New Jersey Founder CEO at Divyaa Narayan LLC Subject taught: DSP, MATLAB, Optical & Electrical Instrumentations.

Dr. Leslie Wickman

Dr. Leslie Wickman (Research Scientist), Professor of Aerospace, California Baptist University, Subject taught: Living and Working in Space

Prof. Joy Nantara

Prof. Joy Nantara Pore, KMUTT, Bangkok (Thailand), Subject taught : Applied Mathematics.

Hirashige Kikura

Hirashige Kikura, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan Subject taught: Energy Science & Engineering

Dr. Siegfried Divckhoven

Dr. Siegfried Divckhoven, National Research Center, Germany, Subject taught: Modern Education System and Research Orientation to enhance real world knowledge among students.

Dr.Yannakorn Toprayoon

Dr.Yannakorn Toprayoon, Rajapark Institute, Thailand Subject taught : Advance Studies In Management

Dr. Dieter Zumpey

Dr. Dieter Zumpey, Professor (Emeritus), Germany Subject taught: Recent Trends in Civil Engineering

Dr. Prapalad Somachi Payago

Dr. Prapalad Somachi Payago, Budhpananya Buddhist College, Thailand, Taught Business management

Prof. V. Raghu

Prof. V. Raghu Raman, IBRA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY, OMAN, Subject taught: HR Management.

Dr. Satyendra Narayana

Dr. Satyendra Narayana, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Subject taught: Advanced Computing.

Dr. Hanns Jurgen Lichfuss

Dr. Hanns Jurgen Lichfuss, Ex. Senior Head University of Munich, Taught Jet Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics

Prof. Sulan Zhao

Prof. Sulan Zhao, Institute of South East Asian Studies, Yunnan Academy, China Taught Social Studies for PG students