Dear Technocrats Alums

We strongly believe that the alumni are lasting legacy and strongest voice of any Institute.

We have taken a new initiative by introducing “Alumni Mentorship Programme 2018” to make you mentor of currently studying students. We hope that this initiative will provide a platform for sharing your intellectual, cultural, career and professional experiences with the present students.

We request all esteemed alumni of the Technocrats-TIT Group to connect with “Alumni Mentorship Programme 2018” by filling a mentorship form available at

Kindly help us by informing about this mentorship programme to other alumni who are in touch with you.

Look forward for you to become brand ambassadors for the institution..

Dr. Vinita Rajeev Raghavan                                                    Prof. Nishchal Kaushal

Dean Alumni Relations                                                             Dean Alumni Relations

Technocrats TIT Group, Bhopal                                             Technocrats TIT Group, Bhopal