Awards & Achievements

  • Central India's largest and oldest NBA Accredited educational groups in central India.
  • Awarded "Highest Placements and Best Academics in Central India Award - 2022" at 'Zee Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh Business Leadership Conclave'
  • Recognized by Govt. of India & ASSOCHAM for “Excellence in Education” and “Campus Placements
  • Highest Placement and Academic Excellence Leader in Central India- 2019
  • Highest Placements & Best Engineering Institute in Central India 2019
  • "Start- up Award- 2018" for Entrepreneurs presented by Mr. Akshay Kumar, Bollywood Actor.


Sports Spectacle


The students of Technocrats Group of Institutions, Technocrats Group of Institutions, Bhopal participated in Run Bhopal Run as participants and volunteers.

Run Bhopal Run is an annual flagship event of Bhopal Runners, with the awe-inspiring participation of over 20,000 participants. This most Anticipated Marathon is fostering its leading cause to create organ donation, no tobacco awareness, and environmental conservation.

The theme for this year’s campaign is “Stop It and Start It,” – Stop Making Excuses and Start Making Changes- aiming to promote positive changes and put an end to detrimental practices. (Run Bhopal Run 2023 is not just a marathon; it’s a people’s movement advocating for change). On the day of the event, our students participated and enjoyed lyrical yoga, music, comradery, compassion, and an abundance of joy.

 Aastha Gill

RGPV State Level Circle Kabaddi Tournament – 2023

Kabaddi Tournament RGPV State Level Circle Kabaddi Tournament

Technocrats Institute of Technology hosted the prestigious RGPV State Level Circle Kabaddi Tournament, showcasing a thrilling display of athleticism and sportsmanship. The event, held with fervor and enthusiasm, brought together talented teams from across the state to compete in a spirited competition, creating memorable moments and fostering a sense of camaraderie among participants. The tournament, organized by Technocrats Institute of Technology, not only celebrated the spirit of Kabaddi but also highlighted the institute’s commitment to promoting sports and a healthy competitive spirit among students. Explore the vibrant glimpses of this exhilarating event, capturing the essence of skill, determination, and teamwork, as participants showcased their prowess in the timeless game of Kabaddi.

RGPV State Level Circle Kabaddi Tournament – 2022

Technocrats Group of Institutions in Bhopal proudly hosted the RGPV State Level Circle Kabaddi Tournament, welcoming teams from diverse colleges, including their own contingent from Technocrats Group. The tournament served as a vibrant platform for spirited competition, with teams showcasing their prowess in the ancient sport of Kabaddi. The event not only exemplified a commitment to promoting athleticism and sportsmanship but also fostered a sense of camaraderie among participants. As the teams from various colleges engaged in thrilling matches, the tournament became a testament to the institute’s dedication to creating opportunities for healthy competition and skill development. Relive the excitement and intense moments of the RGPV State Level Circle Kabaddi Tournament, where sportsmanship and teamwork took center stage.

RGPV State Level Circle Kabaddi Tournament RGPV Kabaddi



Embark on a visual journey through the captivating Inaugural Ceremony of the SMART GIRL FIDE RATED CHESS TOURNAMENT 2021, an exclusive 5-day event tailored for female participants. In collaboration with the M.P Chess Ad-Hoc committee, Madhya Pradesh, and under the esteemed aegis of the All India Chess Federation, Technocrats Group of Institutions, Bhopal, played host to this prestigious competition. The ceremony unfolded with an air of enthusiasm and inclusivity, setting the stage for a remarkable chess spectacle. Witness the convergence of skill and strategy as talented female chess players from various corners engage in intense battles of wit and intellect, showcasing the commitment of Technocrats Group of Institutions to promoting excellence in chess among women.

RGPV Nodal/State Level Swimming Tournament

Technocrats Group of Institutions took pride in hosting the RGPV Nodal/State Level Swimming Tournament, an event that brought together teams from diverse colleges, including participants from the esteemed TIT Group. This swimming extravaganza, organized with the support of RGPV and at the state level, showcased the aquatic prowess of talented athletes. The tournament, held with great enthusiasm, not only demonstrated Technocrats Group’s commitment to fostering sportsmanship but also provided a platform for swimmers to exhibit their skills in a competitive and spirited environment. Explore the highlights of this thrilling event where the waves of excitement and the spirit of healthy competition reached new heights.

RGPV Nodal State Level Swimming Tournament

Yuva Cup Cricket Intercollegiate Tournament

Yuva Cup Cricket Intercollegiate Yuva Cup Cricket Intercollegiate Tournament

Technocrats Group of Institutions, Bhopal, proudly participated in the Yuva Cup Cricket Intercollegiate, a commendable initiative dedicated to Corona Warriors. Demonstrating exemplary sportsmanship and resilience, the institution’s cricket team emerged as the First Runner Up, securing a noteworthy position in the tournament. The event not only celebrated the spirit of cricket but also paid tribute to the frontline warriors who have selflessly contributed during challenging times. Technocrats Group’s outstanding performance reflects their commitment to excellence, both on and off the field, as they stand as a testament to the indomitable spirit of the Corona Warriors.