Awards & Achievements

  • Central India's largest and oldest NBA Accredited educational groups in central India.
  • Awarded "Highest Placements and Best Academics in Central India Award - 2022" at 'Zee Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh Business Leadership Conclave'
  • Recognized by Govt. of India & ASSOCHAM for “Excellence in Education” and “Campus Placements
  • Highest Placement and Academic Excellence Leader in Central India- 2019
  • Highest Placements & Best Engineering Institute in Central India 2019
  • "Start- up Award- 2018" for Entrepreneurs presented by Mr. Akshay Kumar, Bollywood Actor.

Technocrats Institute of Technology – MBA

Technocrats Institute Of Technology – MBA

Technocrats Institute Of Technology–MBA
The Institute has carved its niche in Central India and claimed highest reputation for excellence in Education, Research, Placements, and Industry-Institute Partnership. It empowers the students with the knowledge, skills, and vision for innovation and growth. The educational approach of the Institute ensures that its graduates are well-rounded, collaborative and competent leaders who have a strong grounding in functional expertise and industry expertise, a global mind-set, and sensitivity to societal issues. The Institute believes in preparing ethical leaders who are not only committed to business, commerce and industry but are also socially conscious towards their contribution in nation building and bring in name for the country globally.

Dr. Alka Awasthi MBA, MA (Economics) PhD (Management)
Dr. Alka Awasthi MBA,
MA (Economics) PhD (Management)

From the Director’s Desk……..

Greetings from TIT – MBA!

I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to you at Technocrats Institute of Technology – MBA, an institution committed to fostering the comprehensive growth and development of each student for enhanced career prospects.

Technocrats Institute of Technology – MBA is poised to unlock the potential within each student by offering tailored guidance. Our aim is to empower students to leverage their capabilities, moulding them into ‘Future-ready Managers’ capable of navigating challenges in the corporate sphere. The institute provides a platform to refine Professional Communication Skills, Critical Thinking Abilities, Ethics, Values, and Entrepreneurial Skills. We strive to enhance students’ creativity and problem-solving abilities, enabling them to make significant contributions to society and the country.

In the face of the evolving landscape of Digital Transformation, a paradigm shift in the understanding of learning in management education becomes imperative. Learning is viewed as a continuous process of unlearning and relearning, necessitating constant evolution of the mind. TIT-MBA aligns with these progressive goals, guiding students toward global digital learning solutions, ensuring they become skilled and knowledgeable performers across their chosen fields throughout their student life cycle.

Your tenure here promises not only invaluable knowledge but also the development of essential skills foundational to successful leadership. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to provide a profound understanding of business theories, practices, and strategies. Beyond theoretical learning, we foster a culture of experiential learning through real-world projects, case studies, and industry partnerships, offering insights into the practical nuances of the business world. Embrace change and innovation, view challenges as stepping stones to growth, and seize every opportunity to learn and adapt as you navigate through this program.

Our dedicated faculty members are here to guide and mentor you, and our committed staff ensures a conducive learning environment. Make the most of the available resources and support, and feel free to seek guidance when needed. I encourage you to set ambitious goals, stay focused, and remain resilient. While the journey ahead may pose challenges, with determination and the skills cultivated here, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Once again, welcome to our institution and to a transformative experience that will shape your future in ways you can’t yet imagine. I eagerly anticipate witnessing your growth and accomplishments throughout your journey with us.

Welcome to the Family of Technocrats Institute of Technology-MBA

(Dr. Alka Awasthi)

Technocrats TIT Group of Institutions

MBA Course

Name of College Intake Courses Offered
Technocrats Institute of Technology-MBA 600 Master of Business Administration
Technocrats Institute of Technology-Excellence 180 Master of Business Administration
Technocrats Institute of Technology & Science 180 Master of Business Administration
Technocrats Institute of Technology 60 Master of Business Administration (Business Analytics)
Technocrats Institute of Technology 120 Master of Business Administration (OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT)