builThe institute aims to provide research oriented professional education to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry and academics in Pharmacy course. It focuses on and fosters industry-academia interactions by encouraging research activities through their guidance and supervision and providing an exciting and stimulating environment in various key areas of drug research and drug development. It makes conscious efforts to be more proactive in identifying impending issues and challenges in the new millennium educational system. The institute strives to develop a sense of social obligation and discipline among the students not only to make a better professional but also a better human being.

Director’s message

Dr. B.K. Dubey (M.Pharm., Ph.D.)

In the age of globalization, to build a truly different institution of Pharmaceutical Sciences in central India, an institution with a marked difference in quality to serve the local people in global arena, has been our vision – the vision of Technocrats Group, the group of promoters and our professional advisers. We actively seek to engage persons from research, industries and educational institutions to contribute in the process of learning by sharing their proficiency and practices gained outside of the classroom
The 4-year academic programme that is designed by Pharmacy Council of India and implemented by Rajiv Gandhi Technical University is targeted at providing the undergraduates with a solid foundation for understanding advancing technology. This will be supplemented with strong emphasis on good experimentation and accurate measurement as the basis for fact and understanding.
We are committed to nurturing juvenile minds and preparing them for challenges in today’s globalised technology. The doors of our faculty members are always open for any student who seeks help. We persuade all the students to use their time with professors and teaching staff fruitfully, to develop their own proficiency. The extra-curricular activities will include effective communication through speaking and writing. Inclusion of communication languages will make our students globally adoptable.
The career prospects of the Pharmacist are wide-ranging and fulfilling. A well-trained Pharmacy graduate will be equally competent in research and professional positions, using his analytical, practical and problem-solving skills. We develop creative problem solving strengths in our students; at the same time, we encourage students to grow as effective team players, with a strong set of ethics, communications skills and zeal to outshine.